Dr. David Navarro's seminar

Wednesday 22 March 2023 dalle ore 11:00 am alle ore 12:00 pm

Room 6302 PRC building

Dr. David Navarro's seminar

A Systems Biology Approach to Secondary Metabolism in Plants

David Navarro is a postdoc at the Transcriptional Orchestration of Metabolism studied through Systems Biology Lab in the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio) in Valencia, Spain. He is a bioinformatician with previous experience in molecular biology with an interest in the study of plant secondary metabolism from a systems biology perspective as well as in the development of computational tools to help in biological analysis and visualisation.

He did his PhD in insect population genetics and synthetic biology in Cardiff University (UK) after which he specialised in bioinformatics upon joining the lab of Dr. José Tomás Matus in I2SysBio. David has participated in an initiative to collect functional characterisation of grapevine genes into a catalogue available to the wider community. This in turn allowed him to actively collaborate in improving the annotation of the latest PN40024 reference genome. He has also phylogenetically characterised different grapevine gene families.

He has formed part of the bioinformatics team behind VitViz, a publicly available platform for the visualisation and analysis of grapevine genomics data. He is currently working on the integration of the VitViz platform within the context of Grapedia, a centralised hub for genomic resources in grapevine as well as improving the transfer of older annotation versions to the new reference genome. In addition, he is also working on a new HFSP project (named Good Vibes) aiming to evaluate the possible responses in flowers to vibroacoustic signals emmited by their pollinators.

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