"Monastero" grappa

Monastero line grappas are born from the idea of the distiller master to summarize in a marc distillate some of the features of the Trentino wine-growing territory using the alembic pot in a new way.

The aged wine brandy was already being produced with pride at the time of thew founder Edmund Mach. The oenoogical knowledge and the distillation and aging technique are harmoniously based on this distillate.

"Monastero" grappa
grappa Monastero Maso Togn BOTTLE

Monastero Maso Togn Grappa

This grappa is born from the experience of wines of the Monastero line. Blend of spirits obtained from the distillation of marc of different vines grown at the Maso Togn plot, on the apical part of the alluvial fan of Faedo.This distillate has a complex aroma, very pleasant and persistent, which recurs to the taste.The particularity and elegance of this grappa allows the tasting in a large...

grappa Monastero Weizacker BOTTLE

Monastero Weizacker Grappa

The distilled marcs derived from the historic Weizacker plot, located near the Istituto Agrario. Blend of different varieties (predominantly red berried) born with the objective of creating a grappa opposite to the Monastero Maso Togn distillate, and characterized by reasonably soft but with strong character.Intense, decide nuance; wide taste with good persistence; we suggest to be enjoyed at...

Aged Wine Brandy BOTTLE

Acquavite Invecchiata di Vino

The philosophy born for the creation of this perfect marriage wine-distillate is divided on the full cooperation of the three levels of production that characterize the Edmund Mach Foundation Farm: viticultural (selection of grapes in the countryside), oenological (vinification in the cellar) and distilling, perfectly united and harmonized skillfully with aging.It has been made a choice of...