"Risorse di che genere?" project

Risorse di che genere? is a research project carried out by the Foundation, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento in the context of contributions to promote equal opportunities for men and women; the project partners are the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Trento and the training company Fidia .

"Risorse di che genere?" project

What is it about?

The project has the scope of understanding both staff needs in terms of reconciling work and home commitments and the context linked to gender-related themes. Actions directed at the continuing implementation of practices to reconcile work and home commitments and equal opportunities will therefore be identified, also through participatory planning with personnel. These actions may consist of intervention in the contractual field, training courses for staff, seminars and campaigns to raise awareness.

The framework of reference is organisational wellbeing, understood as the ability of an organisation to promote and maintain the highest level of physical, psychological and social wellbeing for workers; in this context the research is a continuation of the recent survey on the workplace climate.

What does it provide for?

In operational terms the research involves completion of a questionnaire online by all staff and the creation of a number of focus groups; the results of the survey will make it possible to set out a plan of activities with actions for improvement that can be implemented in the Foundation on the theme of reconciling home and work commitments and equal opportunities.

The different project phases and the results obtained will be communicated and disseminated through specific actions, using all the available channels (social networks, FEM newsletter, intranet, training sessions and workshop seminars).

When will it take place?

The project was started up on 14 October 2015 with presentation to the Management Committee and will conclude in December 2015.

During 2014 there will be dissemination of information regarding the project and preparation of the research, which will begin in early 2015 and conclude by the end of the summer. Processing of the data and presentation of the results will take place between September and December, also with a public meeting.

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